When you want to discover both a town and its history there’s no better way than to visit a museum in order to acquire rich information rapidly. The A.G. Poulain Museum in Vernon is the ideal place to obtain an overview of the local Art scene.

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We decided to stop off at Vernon Museum, which is situated in the heart of the historical town centre and is named after the late architect, historian and sculptor, Alphonse-Georges Poulain, who donated his entire collection to the town.

Even if you’re not usually very keen on museums, this one is a good compromise, as the quickest visitors can discover the whole museum in just an hour or two.

With both its permanent and temporary exhibitions, Vernon Museum offers a wide panel of works for you to discover:

  • There is (naturally!) an exhibition about Impressionism. Although you may find some of Claude Monet’s works, the museum also houses works produced by other artists, such as Rosa Bonheur, Jean-Charles Cazin or Jules Bastien Lepage, whose names will ring a bell amongst connaisseurs.
  • One of the rooms is dedicated to animal-based Art. This artistic current was a great disovery for us. Whether in the form of sculpture, painting or decorations, animal-based Art was very much in demand between the First and Second World Wars.
  • Another room houses an exhibition on the Great War where you may discover posters from the period and some drawings done in pencil by soldiers.
  • There is another room which informs the visitor of the town’s ancient history and Vernon in prehistoric times.

We recommend that you carry out this visit in the morning so as to leave yourselves time to visit the town and its historical centre later on.

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Practical information:

The A.G. Poulain Museum is open all the year round and is situated in Vernon’s historical town centre.

Contact details:

E-mail : musee@vernon27.fr

Téléphone : 02 32 21 28 09

Adress : 12 rue du pont, 27 200 Vernon