The Community Tourist Office in its status of EPIC (a state-controlled entity of an industrial or commercial nature), which disposes of a main branch in Vernon and a secondary branch in Pacy-sur-Eure, is administered by an executive committee comprising 15 members whose President is Mrs Juliette Rouilloux-Sicre (Vernon town councellor).

• Management:

anne fleur traverse@OTCPEAnne-Fleur TRAVERSE : Manager /


nathalie caroff@OTCPENathalie CAROFF : Administration Officer /


• Reception and Information:

florence anneser@OTCPEFlorence ANNESER : Trip Advisor /


Emilie2Emilie MOTTE : Trip Advisor / /


Benoîte LHERNAULT : Trip Advisor at the Giverny Maison du Tourisme /


• Promotion and Public Relations Department:

hiltrud compin@OTCPEHiltrud COMPIN : Public Relations Officer /


alice @OTCPE2Alice DUHAIL : Promotion and Web Animation Officer /


• Sales Department:

Alexandra souillard@OTCPEAlexandra SOUILLARD: Sales Officer /


gilles delahaie@OTCPEGilles DELAHAIE : Sales Officer /