The exceptional museum houses a collection of both industrial and farming vehicle engines which three brothers, all three of them mechanics, have been restoring since 1966 and who all share the same passion: bringing machines back to life. A collection of hydraulic machines which have been brought from the four corners of the world (the United States, France, Poland and England amongst others) are exhibited here and have been restored into complete working order. From motor pumps to farm vehicle engines you would think have come straight out of the film Modern Times as well as some craftsmen’s machines such as an 1824 verneering wood saw which can cut precious wood into fine layers to the nearest tenth of a millimeter! The ‘Le Moteur est dans le Pré’ exhibition, (‘Engines and Happiness are in the Field’), is held here the first week-end in September.

Opening times :

Open every afternoon from April to October from 2p.m until 6p.m

Admission :

Adults: 5€
Children under 12 years: Free

Contact details: :

Musée de la Méchanique Naturelle
2, rue Blanche Hoschédé Monet, 27620 Giverny
Tel: 02 32 21 26 33
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