This itinerary offers you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the local farming practices, to learn more about the crops which grow on the plateau and teaches you how to read the landscape. Places visited along the way will provide you with an insight as to how the landscape has changed due to the changes in agriculture. Each discovery signpost offers the possibility to observe a given study subject based on the following themes: fallow land, the plateau’s crops, farm animals, how to read a landscape, a humid valley, the washhouse and the orchards.

Practical information:

Suitability: Hiking on foot or with ATVs

Distance: 4 1/2miles

Time required: 3 hours on foot

Level of difficulty: Leisure trail of average difficulty

Departure location: The Chapelle-Réanville Village Hall


Discovery trail of farming practices


Discovery trail of farming practices ‘The Kiddies’ Trail’

And if you require further information regarding mobility: