The ‘Du Clos’ Riding School is situated in Saint Aquilin de Pacy just outside Pacy-sur-Eure inside a park of vast greenery. It is holder of the French School of Horseriding’s ‘Ecole Française d’Equitation’ Label of Quality, and is registerd with both the French Centre of Equestrian Tourism ‘Centre de Tourisme Equestre’ and the French Quality Horses ‘Cheval Qualité France’ labelling association. The riding school is a place for both young and old, beginners or experienced riders to practice horse-riding in the open countryside. We have a wide range of activities and other services and facilities available including horse-riding lessons for both children, teenagers as well as adults, hiking and pony-trekking, as well as accommodating the French Horse-Riding Federation’s competitions ; we also dispose of professional training courses for those preparing to enter a horse-riding career, stables to shelter horses and poneys belonging to private owners and finally a country refuge from which visitors may spend some idyllic days in the Eure Valley.

Contact details:

Centre équestre du Clos Mme Boudeweel 27120 Saint-Aquilin-de-Pacy
Tél : 02 32 26 08 23 – 06 08 21 50 10 – Fax : 02 32 26 08 23