Between dry valleys as well as humid areas this trail is an invitation for you to discover the hunchbacked French Vexin which is bursting with absolutely magnificent viewpoints. From a heritage point of view you will be able to admire all of the following sites close-up: the locks, the churches, the dungeon, Monet’s house and the Giverny Impressionisms Museum. Alternatively, to discover the Epte Valley in a different way jump on a canoe or kayak at the embarkation area in Sainte-Geneviève-les-Gasny.

Practical information:

Suitability: on foot or with ATVs

Distance: 10 ¼ miles

Time required: 4 ½ hours on foot

Level of difficulty: sportive circuit of large difficulty

Departure point: On the square ‘place du 18 juin’ in Gasny


Discovering the Vexin area’s woodland / Outstanding heritage


Discovery trail ‘Les Vaux du Milon’