The Portes de l’Eure area has always been enriched with both craftsmen and artists.

JEMA 3@OTCPEThroughout the years both the artists and craftsmen have managed to adapt and develop their know-how in a way which is typical of the Normandy region. The Portes de l’Eure area spreads across hills and valleys offering artists complete freedom of expression and an artistic sphere in which they may experiment between tradition and innovation.

Art is contantly being produced in this artistic centre which has been a settling ground to Impressionist artists since the end of the 19th century. The many workshops and artist galleries to be found both in Giverny and Vernon as well as in the surrounding villages are the living proof. If the whim tempts you during one of your walks pop in one of them and let yourself be taken away by their artistic fibre.

During your stay in the Portes de l’Eure area come and discover our craftsmen who mold various materials, such as wood, leather,clay, stone and textile amongst others. ….

Meet up with them during the European Convention of Fine Arts held every year at the Tourist Office.

Share a unique experience during your visit to this dynamic and innovative area by attending one of the workshops or courses proposed by s our artists and craftsmen.