20140510_123504.jpg2All of the following delicacies are locally produced on the land of the Portes de l’Eure area – ‘Vernon’s Kernel, the ‘Noyau de Vernon’ (a regional liqueur produced from cherry kernels), Eure Valley apple pie, pear jam, jelly made from ‘pomme calva’ apples, traditional beer and Spring honey..

Sample food with a real taste to it on our local markets at Vernon, Pacy-sur-Eure and Ménilles. Fill your basket and try some produce from both the Eure county, Normandy and the neighbouring regions.

Sharpen your senses during a walk through the farmers’ market at Jouy-sur-Eure – the county’s largest local produce market.
The farmers present on this market – held on the second Saturday of each month – offer a wide array of produce including dairy products, beef, lamb, poultry, fruit, vegatables and a selection of oils.

Market days and opening hours:

Saturday 14th March
Saturday 1th April
Saturday 9th May
Saturday 13th June
Saturday 11th July
Saturday 8th August
Saturday 12th September
Saturday 10th October
Saturday 14th November
Saturday 19th December
From 9a.m until 1p.m

Contact details:

La Ferme de la Passe à Cailles
5, rue de la petite cité 27120 Jouy-sur-Eure
Tél : 06 32 89 41 74
eure@marché-fermiers.fr – www.bienvenue-a-la-ferme.com