Depart to discover the Seine Valley tucked between hillsides and scenery not forgetting the outstanding local heritage. You have the opportunity to observe the Villa Guyot where Eva de Furstenburg, Tsar Nicholas II’s last governess resided in the 1920’s. You will then walk along and observe the poplar-lined avenue of the Château de Saint-Just. And some of the last things to be seen on this trail are the Saint-Pierre d’Autils orchards, the Source pond, not to forget some fabulous viewpoints overlooking the River Seine.

Practical information:

Suitability: on foot

Distance : 6 ½ miles

Time required: 3 ½ hours on foot

Level of difficulty: Leisure circuit of average difficulty

Departure location: The Saint-Just Town Hall


Viewpoints overlooking the River Seine / Outstanding local heritage


Discovery trail of Saint-Just and Saint-Pierre d’Autils

And if you require further information regarding mobility: