In co-operation with the villages of Ménilles and Houlbec-Cocherel, the ‘Portes de l’Eure’ Borough Council, in its capacity as Tourism Promoter would like to invite you to discover this hiking trail which includes the Eure Valley scenery and some remarkable local heritage. As you climb up the Roederer slope, which was restored in 2009 and 2010 you will discover Ménilles’ Château and Church, a stone gutter, a dry stone wall, a bread oven (also restored by the village) as well as a wash house. You will also find a recent sun-dial higher up in the village in ‘rue de la ferme’. In Houlbec-Cocherel you will have the opportunity to visit the grave of the famous philanthropist Aristide Briand as well as Cocherel’s Notre-Dame Chapel.

Practical information:

Suitability: on foot or with ATVs

Distance : 6 ½ miles

Time required: 3 ½ hours on foot

Level of difficulty: Leisure circuit of average difficulty

Departure location: The car park on Ménilles village square

Services: Various shops as you leave Ménilles; canoe rides, picnic areas, fishing pontoons and fitness trails along the banks of the River Eure

Themes :

Outstanding local heritage / The Eure Valley / Aristide Briand


Discovery brochure of Ménilles and Houlbec-Cocherel

And if you require further information regarding mobility: