Michèle Eyquem has decided to capture light at its source. After studying the Applied Arts she was taught stained glass Art by the stained glass artist Christiane Andrieux in Paris.
Since she settled in Normandy in 1985 she has designed and produced stained glass windows for four local churches, namely at Le Plessis-Hébert, Aulnay-sur-Iton, at Manthelon and Le Sacq.
Over the last few years she has been creating stained glass works which quite easily fit in with the decor of other places apart from just places of worship and large houses.

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She currently devotes most of her working time to her creations which include both small and large stained glass works, decorative objects, screens, lamps, mirrors and also sculptures which combine stained glass with salvage.
For the last seven years she has also been producing zinc and copper etchings and other wood engravings and lino cutting at the ‘Taille 12-morsure 27’ engraving workshop in Vernon which is directed by Ulrike Vidalain. Her stained glass and engraved works are on permanent display at La Fabrique de la Risle situated in the village of Beaumont le Roger and a few other pieces from her collection are also exhibited at the Courtier Antique Shop in Vernon.

Jacques Blézot, who also carried out painting whilst working in the advertising sector between 1972 and 2005 has been devoting his time exclusively to painting since the year 2000.

J.Blezot cheval
Since 2009 he has been approaching Outsider Art in the sculpture domain by using salvage and transforming it into curiosities.

J.Blezot l'homme pressé
He produces not only seascapes with Indian ink or coffee on canvas but also draws cartoon-style horses with acrylic on canvas and produces humorous water-colours as well as stencils more recently.

J.Blezot Prix d'Amérique
Jacques Blézot’s creative world is the result of both his curiosity and sensitivity. Through his art which is somewhere between Abstract Art, Expressionism and Outsider Art we are transported away from normality towards creations which are a mixture of the real and the absurd. The non-academic graphism combined with the ability to express a maximum of sensations from minimum means are what make his creations both original and off the wall as well as decidedly modern.
Open upon appointment.

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Ouvert sur RDV.

Contact details:

Atelier Jacques Blézot – Atelier Michèle Eyquem
4, rue de Boisset
La Neuville les Vaux 27120 Le Plessis-Hébert
Tél : 06 09 05 42 84 – 06 09 05 42 84
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