The Bizy Chateau, which is situated in Vernon leads you in trace of the nobility of by-gone days and into their luxurious homes. It was an enjoyable afternoon out which made us want to go back in time to re-live this period characterized by pleasure.

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The visit began with the gardens and we are already enchanted by the location’s atmosphere, which is loaded with history. During the visit we were informed that many noteworthy people including Louis Philippe (the last King of France) had resided here.

We then entered the Chateau to join a small group who were being shown around in the form of a commentated tour given by Corine, a most enthusiastic tourist guide who related the place’s history with such strengh and humour and whose enthousiasm was contagious.

The guided tour is really pleasant as it enables you to discover not only the place’s history but also the families who succeeded each other over the generations.

Allow yourself at least 2 hours for a visit of both the gardens and the chateau – this should be enough to discover at leisure the different rooms as well as the huge grounds which surround the location. Furthermore, we also advise you to go on this visit after a hearty meal, as the walk around the chateau and the gardens is an ideal moment to digest!

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Practical information:

We recommend the visit of the chateau’s interior quarters in order to fully appreciate this outing.
Allow 8 € for the guided tour of the chateau + 4 € for the un-guided tour of the gardens

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Contact details:

Château de Bizy
Avenue du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny 27200 VERNON
Tél. : 02 32 51 00 82 _