The Maison de la Figurine is a ‘high tech’ games room where you may come and wage somme extraordinary figurine battles.
This games room which is one of a kind is dedicated to wargame playing with figurines upon interactive tables. These games tables are also scale model-decorated with painted figurines on.
The games procedure is unique in so far as each table is computer-operated and each part of the battle moderated. Battle sounds are triggered off whenever a group of figurines enters combat.
You have always dreamt of an army of miniature soldiers coming to life ? Well, the Maison de la Figurine has made your dream come true !
You learn how to play this game as you go along and if you have the slightest problem, someone will come and help you or answer your questions. A visit to the Maison de la Figurine is an original trip out.

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Opening times: :

From Tuesdays to Thursdays : From 10a.m until 1p.m and from 2.30p.m until 7p.m
Fridays and Saturdays : From 10a.m until 1p.m and from 2.30p.m until 10p.m
Anyone between the ages of 8 to 99 can play at this game.

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1 hour: 5€/ player
2 hours : 7€/ player

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Contact details:strong>

Maison de la Figurine
11, rue Charles Joseph Riquier 27200 VERNON
Tel : 06 87 17 97 45 –